Mongoose Squid UnicycleWelcome to Unicycle Reviews Dot Com. This is a quick overview of the Mongoose Squid Unicycle.

Product Features at a Glance:

The Mongoose Squid Unicycle was uniquely designed for both fun and commuting, with a very stylish four tentacled frame design. It’s got a 20-inch, 36 spoke wheel with a 3 inch slick tire. It’s very comfortable with it padded seat that’s also got a built-in grab handle and bumper.

You’ll certainly be seen at night with the 3-piece 155mm crank pedals with the built-in reflectors. Safety pads and helmet are recommended for users under the age if 8.

Now you can proudly show off your insane unicycle skills with the 20-inch Mongoose Squid Unicycle, which gets its name from the uniquely designed four arm tentacle frame in black with scrolling golden accents that stretch down from the seat to the hub. Because of the frame design, it’s a great choice for commuting and locking up using a standard bike lock.

A fun way to travel around town, the Squid features a 3-inch wide slick tire that’s perfect for hugging city streets, a 36-spoke, heavy duty 20-inch wheel, pedals with integrated reflectors, and shiny chrome front grab handle and back bumper built into the comfortably padded seat–great for new riders learning to ride a unicycle.

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