Avenir UnicycleThe unicycle is an oddly shaped riding device that many immediately associate with the circus. It requires a great deal of practice, skill and bravery to jump on, but is by no means impossible to learn. And just like the bicycle, you will find there to be a number of different models, brands and styles to choose from. One such option that has a rather reputable image is the Avenir unicycle.

This brand is made by Raleigh and is one of the premier bicycle accessory lines from the legendary company. It offers outstanding features, a tremendous ride, and a classy look in that.

What turns many people off these is the fear of no balance with a single wheel. The great thing about Avenir is that it will improve your balance while feeding up an enjoyable ride. This is precisely why so many beginners turn to this model when looking to add a new talent or skill to their belt.

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The device features an oversized, chrome-plated steel frame with new and improved wheel mounts that are sure to impress. For some, the most notable feature will be the cushioned seat with scuff-guard protection that will deliver the cozy ride throughout.

This is adjustable as it can be moved up, down, forward and backwards. This allows one to customize the saddle position to allow for maximum comfort and riding ease. This is crucial as just like riding a bicycle, not everyone has the same style or form when on the device.

Other notable details to be aware of include cotterless crank arms, full-sized nylon pedals that come with chromoly spindles and oversized and sealed bearings that are capable of withstanding heavy loads.

The device itself weighs a measly 13 pounds making for a smooth and easy ride. As you begin shopping for the perfect fit for you, you will find it comes in 16-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch sizes.

The unicycle is a terrific hobby to pick up as it is extremely enjoyable and surprisingly not that difficult to learn. With the right mindset, you will find it to be no more difficult than learning to ride a bicycle.

With the help of a reliable, trustworthy and easy device like the Avenir unicycle, it is comforting to know it is possible. This device has all of the features, the right make, and a solid build to deliver an unforgettably successful learning experience.

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