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Have you ever wanted to know how to ride a unicycle?

It is not a trick that can only be attained by those in the circus. It can be an enjoyable hobby and activity to pick up without the need to be an exhibitionist. It is a sport that is growing in popularity and for obvious reasons. You too can learn the tricks to becoming a pro on these with just a few simple tips.

The first step to learning how to ride a unicycle is to simply become acquainted with one. Whether it is purchasing one, renting one or looking at the build and features online, learn a little about it.

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There is a front and back orientation just like a bicycle and the pedals should be marked for the left and right foot respectively. As for the height, it is at a proper level if your leg is almost straight when the pedal reaches its lowest point in its trajectory.

Now that you have become familiar with the make, it is time to dive into training. Just like learning to drive a car, you want to go to a large, flat and hard surface that is away from any action whatsoever. Having a handrail or fence close by is beneficial so you can quickly reach for support if need be. Start slow and get a feel for it before going all out.

What you will quickly learn about riding one is that it is more than half mental. A lot of people go into the learning phase feeling as if it is more difficult to ride a unicycle than it is a bicycle. While the device may look odd compared to two-wheeled devices, it really requires no more practice or physical prowess.

For this reason, make sure you go into the learning phase with an open and positive mindset. Chances are it will be difficult if you believe it is going to be more physically challenging. By embracing the challenge and constantly telling yourself you can do it, success is to be had.

The final tip to learning how to ride this is understanding how to mount one. The first pedal motion is actually going to be backwards as oppose to when riding a bicycle. Start by placing the seat beneath your crotch with the wheel a pace in front of you and one arm on the handrail.

The pedals should read 10:20 if it were a clock as this allows you to lift up a foot and press down the same way that you would step down on a gas pedal in a car. As you push in a backward movement, the wheel will then lift your body up onto the seat as it rolls backward. While this gets you upright onto the unicycle, the real challenge is to maintain this throughout.

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